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music supervision and music asset management

Settle the score

As an award-winning provider of Music Supervision services for television and film, we know exactly what it takes to bring your production to life. We help forge that emotional connection with your viewers by sourcing just the right music selection and backing it all up with proven rights negotiations. We not only increase the legitimacy of your production, but its value as well.


  • Deep, Refined Searches
  • Research and Submissions
  • Aggressive Rights Negotiations
  • Rights Clearance
  • License Review, Execution and Documentation


  • Fox Sports
  • Champion Productions
  • Showtime
  • JMH Films
  • ESPN
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Top Secret Productions

Music Supervision Team

Joe Fischer
VP, Music Supervisor

Having placed music in over one thousand TV episodes and 20+ feature films, you could say Joe has a slight passion for Music Supervision. He not only has prior experience at George Acogny, Inc. and Warner Bros. TV, but has worked in radio and concert promotion, toured the world with top artists and marketed hit records. He’s continued his passion here at KTM since 2007.
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Scott Butterworth
Music Coordinator

Before finding his calling in the Music Supervision world, Scott dipped his toes in just about every corner of the music industry. From Amoeba Records to MTV and Universal Music Publishing, his love for music knows no bounds. With a degree in Media Management from San Diego State University, he now applies his smarts here at KTM - but he’d rather be surfing.
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A sound business decision

There’s only one thing that makes a Music Asset Management team great: Experience. From Copyright Registration to Cue Sheet creation, we instinctively know what saves time, money and a lot of worry. Our proven know-how is why even the biggest studios turn to us not only for song selection, but for the comprehensive reduction of many liabilities.


  • Copyright registration
  • Cue sheet creation
  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Publishing administration
  • Music catalog management


  • Zuffa LLC
  • Positive Image Video
  • Sitting Cat Productions
  • Forza LLC

Asset Management Team

Michael Lee Jackson, esq.
COO & VP Business Affairs

As an accomplished music and entertainment attorney, Michael's legal skills are only matched by his love of playing rock and blues guitar. Regional or global, from contract negotiations to intellectual property (and everything in between), he specializes in getting the deal done. With a degree from SUNY Buffalo School of Law, he brings his 30+ years in entertainment law and musical mastery to KTM.
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Jonathan Croskrey
Music Administrative Assistant

An unapologetic overachiever, Jon started his career with NBC's Music Services department, where he worked in music compliance for the Emmy Award-winning 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Sochi Olympics. From SNL to the Today Show, and now KTM, he continues his upward trajectory as Music Administrative Assistant. Jon received his degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University - with honors, of course.
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